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  • Amy "Bear Paw" Piper

    MA, BCC, IMn

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    I'm an intuitive and an empath. These are talents I've come to cherish and trust. Like most gifts, they come with some challenges - challenges I've come to understand and navigate with increasing wisdom.


    You might be interested in learning more about my journey - how I came to love my internal nature, and find peace and success by expressing my authentic self and sense of purpose in the world.

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    Master's Degree

    State University of West Georgia

    Transpersonal Psychology focuses on connections between people, particularly that which take place beyond our normal range of awareness. This program includes object-relations, metaphysical knowledge, artistic expression for personal development and supervised therapeutic techniques.

    Board-Certified Coach

    Center for Credentialing and Education

    Amy is a board-certified coach through the nationally recognized CCE, which qualifies her to coach people toward their vocational, personal and spiritual goals


    Licensed HeartMath Coach

    HeartMath Institute of California

    This training focuses on bringing the physical, emotional, mental and spirit aspects of humanity into balanced alignment, providing a natural baseline of well being.


    Heart-Centered Business Training

    Conscious Business Institute - Certified

    Heart of Business: Mark Silver - Two years of Study

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    Professional Experience

    Professional Guide, Trainer, Healing Vessel,

    Author and Business Owner

    • Founder, Owner and Guide
      Standing Rooted -  
      Personal, professional and business development for strong and sensitive adults who care for others through their skill, strength and sensitivity. – 21 years
    • Founder and Professional Trainer
      Healing Presence -
      Helping medical professionals and healing practitioners learn to listen and connect with their patients and clients for more empowering and effective treatment. Taught unique skills such as Listening Deeply, Healing Presence, Knowing the Soul, and the Vessel of Wisdom. -
    • 13 years
    • Author -
    • Mythological Stories
      North Star. Dreamwalking Stories for Pleasure and Evolution
      Totem Speaks. Dreamwalking stories featuring Indigenous and Star People
      Phoenix / The Pearl / Kitty Cat Christmas

      Published Articles:
      Rose of the World magazine: Creativity and Women
      Lake Living magazine: Women and Story
    • Co-founder and Guide
      Sacred Journeys -
      A program for understanding personal energy dynamics and how these play out in relationships to create frustration or fulfillment. Basic training in energy medicine. 4 years
    • Counseling in hospital settings, helping those struggling with acute difficulties such as grief, addiction, or depression – 10 years
    • Owner Core Star Enterprises for Personal Investment – 15 years
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    Professional References

    Amy embodies an open, accepting and gentle presence, so each person feels safe exploring and aligning with their own values. That is invaluable in helping people to recognize their real goals in both personal and working life, and effectively reach them.

    Nicole R. Windsor, LPC


    Phoenix Resource Center, Inc.


    Amy is both highly intuitive and grounded in her approach to coaching. Her own inner growth and balance are evident in the way in which she relates to others. She’s warm and compassionate, but can focus and track in a balanced way.

    Amy has all of the qualities that we at HeartMath look for in a coach, and I recommend her most highly as someone who will bring unquestioned value, kindness and fulfillment to her coaching clients.

    Toni Roberts

    Coach, Staff Member and Board Member

    HeartMath LLC


    When Amy begins working with my clients, they can go further and deeper in each adjustment and hold that integration longer than before.

    Dr. Liliana Warner, D.C.


    I have known Amy "Bear Paw" Piper professionally for 18 years. As a guide and teacher, Amy meets clients exactly where they are in the moment with compassion and presence. Amy’s true gift is her ability to help each person connect with their own higher wisdom to heal their hearts and more effectively reach toward their outer goals.

    Rev. Kimberly Cahill
    Founder of Souls Journey


    Amy has been a fellow traveler in healing, and I have come to respect her healing presence. I have found that she has real compassion and understanding, and a great facility for bringing things gently to one’s awareness. This is essential when working in such sacred space.

    Roy F., M.D. - Environmental Physician

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    Certifications and Training

    Ordained Interfaith Minister

    Universal Brotherhood Organization 

    Amy is an ordained minister with the Universal Brotherhood, an organization of those who are committed to expressing their lives by serving others. A minister ordained by U.B.M., Inc., may legally officiate at weddings, funerals, and services of dedication.



    A Society of Souls

    An internationally known training program for healers developed by Jason Shulman, author of Kabbalistic Healing. This work is based on the metaphysical knowledge of the Tree of Life, and teaches how to accept and engage in life exactly as it is in this moment.


    Amy completed three years of study in the IKH program.


    Business Training

    Conscious Business Institute - Certified

    Heart of Business: Mark Silver - Two years of Study



    Souls Journey Program for Awakening 

    Souls Journey is a personal exploration and professional training program exploring the mystical Tree of Life, as a tool for exploring our relationship with the true nature of our universe to bring ourselves into a healed state of alignment.

    ….Reverend Kimberly Cahill.

    Amy completed two years in the SJ program.

    Barbara Brennan School of Energy Medicine 

    Brennan Healing Science® is a method of vibrational medicine based on the living dynamics of our energy system and how that system interacts with the world around us.

    Barbara Brennan is the author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging. This course teaches the healer how to make deep, supportive and non-intrusive contact with the client as the basis for successful personal healing.

    Amy spent two years studying at BBSH.


    Circle of Recovery

    Circle of Recovery is a nationally recognized program created and taught by Dr. Karen Kelly, PhD, LPC, MAC, SAP, CAMF. Dr. Kelly believes that addiction is rooted in biological, psychological and social factors, which must be addressed in a multi-faceted approach. Dr. Kelly believes that every aspect of the individual's life is impacted by addiction and by recovery.


    Amy has 70 hours of training in the basic substance abuse counselor program. Amy understands that compulsive behaviors can arise from trauma and from the overwhelm that can accompany special skills like empathic and intuitive abilities, and is skilled in assisting with the healing and training that brings freedom.


    Reike Practitioner
    Amy is a certified Reiki practitioner from the Ryoho tradition, and blends that with her other forms of subtle (or spiritual) healing.

    The truth of Reiki Ryoho is oneness, openness and sharing beyond duality.


  • Amy "Bear Paw" Piper

    My Journey: Ever-Evolving Amy

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    My Empathic and Intuitive Gifts

    I’m an intuitive and an empath. Even though I'm usually at ease with people, I can also become easily overwhelmed in crowded places which are often a sea of energy patterns and emotions. Without anyone to help me understand as a youngster, I didn't know how to protect my own energy without shutting down completely (which led to loneliness), so I often vacillated between overwhelm and isolation.


    Wise, caring "spirit guides" and playful "nature spirits" were my beloved daily companions as a child. I knew spirit guides who loved and taught me. Astral beings also who needed help to resolve their "karmic issues" in order to move further into the light often requested my help. This all seemed normal to me, but casual comments I made about it elicited stares, obvious discomfort or ridicule. That scared me so I quickly learned to keep these experiences to myself. Very social, athletic and well-liked, I also felt deeply alone.


    Even as a toddler, I had what seemed like memories of myself in other bodies which were often of a different gender or ethnic origin than my own. Having no words for these experiences, a language emerged in my mind to describe what I noticed. Later in life, this language expanded through readings that reflected my experiences, and then through connection with other sensitive people who observe similar things.


    I finally found a mentor who understood my subtle sense gifts and explained that they source in the Divine just like other talents (mathematical or artistic intelligence - only different!). It means I perceive things that others may tune out, and this "subtle sense awareness" can be applied in medicine, engineering, art, counseling, caring for family and many other positive and wonderful ways.

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    My Education, Work and Purpose

    I earned my master's degree in psychology and counseling, and expanded skills by studying energy medicine, neuroscience, mythology, and shamanic healing paths. I learned to apply physical and metaphysical science to increase health and

    well-being, and attended programs where I received healing for my own emotional wounds.


    I spent several years studying business dynamics that support the well-being of our world community to help create a business that would offer my gifts and provide a living aligned with my personal values and sense of purpose.


    Today I work with other Strong and Sensitive people (those with Subtle Sense Awareness). I know how our gifts shape our experience and impact our inner world, and how important it is to understand this part of our nature as we create our lives. I understand what it’s like to have these kinds of gifts in a world which doesn’t provide clear recognition, training or careers that are specific to how we think and the valuable understandings we bring.


    I assist each person to recognize their own unique subtle sense gifts and apply their wisdom and training to serve their individual sense of purpose, and balance that calling with their own personal needs. I’ve also developed a unique approach to spiritual healing which I call Healing Presence - each participant's natural Healing Presence unfolds organically as we journey together.


    I understand the tenderness of feeling vulnerable. I know how to hold a safe sacred space for those who are struggling or suffering, and who need help to heal, grow and connect so they can move into the life they've dreamed.

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    My Early Life

    Naturally a child of Subtle Sense Awareness, I noticed many things others didn’t notice – energy patterns, emotional climates and “presences”. I learned early that I also have a caring, empathic nature and enjoy helping others.

    Frequently I was sought out by peers who were in pain or needed some caring reflection. I was also sometimes called "over-sensitive" or that "my feet don't touch the ground". I didn't really understand those statements, especially since in many ways I was a rather strong, tough little girl. I was a shy, self-conscious, lonely child who bloomed into an intelligent, creative, connected adult.

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    My journey has unfolded a step at the time…
    what I’ve learned along the way.

    I've recognized that I'm a "social introvert", someone who needs a lot of alone time to recharge while also being very outgoing and social when the mood arises. I've learned how to charge, inspire and re-balance myself on a regular basis. I learned that it's important for me to connect with friends, community and other intuitive, heart-centered leaders. These friendships feed me deeply and are essential keys to my well-being.


    Subtle Sense Awareness has pointed me toward practical pathways and solutions, informing me about investment strategies and business ventures. It's kept me away from dangerous people and situations, while steering me toward strong connected alliances. It has brought insights into healing my own emotional trauma, chronic illness and serious injuries – and that of others. It provides a deep, intuitive understanding of my clients so I can help them utilize their deepest wisdom and fulfill their most cherished goals.

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    My Outward Life

    That's my deeper life. I'm also an outgoing, outdoor girl who loves mountains, lakes, rivers and enormous, sweet-hearted dogs. I've lived on three different snow ski resorts, laughed joyously while hang-gliding in Alaska and traveled on a "song and a prayer" (just because my spirit insisted on the exploration!). And I'm currently thriving on the lakes and rolling hills of north Georgia with my big furry dog and my special cat Mimzy Snuggles. I'm enjoying the expression of my personal calling in life and would be deeply honored to help you create the balanced and thriving life you've been longing to live!

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    About the Bear

    My spirit name is “Kodiak Bear Paw”. Bear came to me in a dream at a time of personal struggle, asking me to claim my “spirit name” so I would be reminded to lean into that which is greater than myself. Bear is a powerful animal spirit who brings strength, courage, refuge and healer-ship. The “Paw” reminds me I’m am not the source of these qualities but “a hand of the divine”, using these qualities in the service of the larger good.


    I discovered that Kodiak bears are specific to Kodiak Island, where they share a small bailiwick and a single fresh-water river. Like all bears, they are independent and fierce. Yet because of the constraints of their environment, these bears live in closer proximity and more cooperatively than other bears. This reflects something true about me – independent, strong, cooperative and caring. I've come to deeply love and appreciate the Kodiak Bear spirit who lights my way.

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